Friday, August 16, 2013

preparing for vacation & keeping the focus on myself

Today is the last day of day camp for my daughter this summer. We will spend the next 10 days together until school starts on August 28th. I need to remind myself of my Al-Anon right now.

1. Keep it simple
2. Let go of expectations
3. Keep the focus on myself!  This is especially true when dealing with my husband. I keep thinking of HIS to-do lists and I need to focus on MY OWN!!
4. Worrying is a waste of energy.

And truly if I focus on myself then I am happier. My mother has cancer again. My mother is upset that we are not coming to see her during this vacation time. These are my mother's problems, not mine. If I don't think about her problems I will be happier.

My husband has been sick. He has an infection and isn't cured yet. He is going to the doctor's office, taking his medication, etc. etc. He is taking care of himself. I should not waste my energy worrying. If I do not waste my energy worrying I am happier.

Today is payday. Today I will leave work early. Today I will try to find time to relax. Today I saw 2 herons and 2 deer on my way to work this morning at sunrise. Today I am happy.

One moment at a time. Right now I am happy, excited, maybe even manic. Keeping my focus on me is a good thing.

I need to do that in the next 10 days, and not let other people weigh me down.

Fall is coming. The cool mornings are already here. I am going to go and have a GREAT vacation before it gets cold again.

Be well my friends.